My Personal Philosophy Of Education: My Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of education is really important. It’s basically the schools and teachers beliefs that reflect how the students are taught. It should reflect their purpose, the teachers role, and their methods of teaching. One of the most important things to me is the teacher being the role model for the students. A favorite quote of mine is “One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen,” said Philip Wylie. This touches close to home for me. I’ve had a teacher be there for me, and guide me through one of the toughest times of my life when my parents got divorced. Not that I was a delinquent, but my point is she just kept me on track. She knew how much my education meant to me. Being a role model is important …show more content…
They may not realize it, but raising your voice at a child could make them think that it’s okay to raise their voice as well. God forbid, but if a teacher put their hands on a student, it could make the student think it’s okay to hit others as well. There are many reasons teachers need to be role models in everything they do. They don’t realize it, but they are being watched every step of their day. A teacher’s responsibility is to keep the children engaged in what is going on, they should provide many hands on activities rather than have students constantly reading out of books. They should make sure the students feel comfortable enough to talk to them about anything. The student should be able to tell them if they aren’t understanding something without feeling like the teacher will be upset with them. The students should be able to feel like they always have their teachers to count …show more content…
Their responsibilities are to learn respect, pay attention, do their work, and be engaged in the activities provided by the teacher. The students should be appreciative of all their teacher does for them. They should learn to work well with their classmates even if they make not like one another.
All of these tie into the importance of philosophy and education. The students and teachers both have very important roles when it comes to playing their own roles in a classroom. Teachers are very important in setting examples in how students are for the rest of their lives. Their learning things at a young age, and teachers should be the examples they can look up to no matter what. A teacher may not realize it, but they can change a students life by just simply guiding them, and working with them. A student that is off track, just needs the right teacher to help get them where they need to

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