My Personal Philosophy Of Economics Essay

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When observing different economists from history, I keep coming back to the less famous names. I look into my personal family history and start from there. My profound interest in economics began with my father. About fifteen years ago, he started a family business for textile products in Macedonia. While seeing him work and manage the firm, I became fascinated by the economic concepts that my father deals with on a daily basis. I developed a determination to comprehend these concepts in the contemporary economic environment and to understand how to face and overcome the new challenges in economics. Since my freshman year at Bard College, I have been exposed to Prof. Pavlina R. Tcherneva’s work and guidance. The enthusiasm with which she describes economic theories, and the passion with which she approaches obstacles, are a great inspiration to me. During my undergraduate career, I have pushed myself to work hard, to learn with an open mind, and to challenge myself. I want to continue this further at UC Berkeley, where I plan to carry on my studies and to deepen my understanding of economics. This spring, I will receive my Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bard College in New York. I have truly enjoyed my studies here and I am certain that I want to continue to follow the field of economics. I would like to pursue a career either in academia, government institution, or any research organization, perhaps in one of an international character, where I can offer my unique…

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