Essay on My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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B: self-management
My personal philosophy of classroom management will begin with self-management. Teaching children self-management will be of great importance for having a successful class each year. The students will learn to pay attention to their own behavior, complete activities and engage in interactions using appropriate behavior (What Works, 2014). The children will know what is expected of them. They will monitor their own behavior and control their actions through the self-management techniques they have learned. I will introduce them to a behavior responsibility sheet. This sheet will list what is expected from them for the week. This sheet will have to be taken home and signed daily. This will help students learn what appropriate behavior is and what is inappropriate. The students will also write on the sheet what they believe their behavior was for the day. Teaching students to be self-managers of their behavior will help with their achievement. There should be no out of control discipline problems with students learning to self-manage. I will work with each student to set specific goals. Students will be responsible for reaching those goals.
B: self-efficacy Promoting self-efficacy is another step in my classroom management philosophy. High self-efficacy is very important for student achievement. Students who have a strong sense of efficacy believe they can do what is asked of them. A student without high self-efficacy will not put much…

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