My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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To have success in the classroom there needs to be more than just a good lesson plan. Instruction is important but it is not what will guarantee success. For that, an entire classroom plan is needed. A teacher has many similarities to that of a business manager. No business is profitable without proper management. The profit in a classroom is students gaining knowledge. For that to happen, a teacher must have and implement a well devised management plan. Management styles vary greatly in technique and effectiveness. The following is my personal management philosophy for my classroom.

My style is that which is incorporated by an assertive, authoritarian, and authoritative approach. This does not mean I am a strict hard-nosed
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Teach them self-discipline and they will control themselves. To manage my classroom means to ensure many things. Lesson planning is very important for subject instruction but the general atmosphere and how students treat each other are equally important. Life skills as well as subject knowledge will be part of our everyday class. I am very understanding and realize each child is different and every situation is different which will always be taken into consideration. There is no single cookie cutter plan that fits every class or situation. I believe every child can be taught and wants to learn. It is my task to find the right way to do that. To find the way that benefits them the most. It is my responsibility to know my students …show more content…
I will treat every child and adult with full respect and dignity. I will deliver a high quality education and provide a safe, open, supportive, structured, and developmentally appropriate learning environment. I feel honored to be integral part of every child’s growth and education. I will continue to grow and educate myself to ensure I am always giving my students the best quality education I can. I will advocate for the students when necessary and needed. They have a voice that should be heard and if it can’t then I will do my best to advocate for them.

My experiences in other classrooms, my personal life, and related employment have helped me to create my philosophy. I have seen many management techniques, in and out of the classroom, some that have worked and some not. I have seen what I don’t want to happen in my classroom and have developed skills to prevent it. I have worked with many children, including my own, and believe I have some of the best skill sets and knowledge to help every child learn and grow. I will continue to adapt to an ever changing world, adding or subtracting, to best support and enhance my students’

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