Essay My Personal Management Philosophy For My Classroom

1280 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
To have success in the classroom there needs to be more than just a good lesson plan. Instruction is important but it is not what will guarantee success. For that, an entire classroom plan is needed. A teacher has many similarities to that of a business manager. No business is profitable without proper management. The profit in a classroom is students gaining knowledge. For that to happen, a teacher must have and implement a well devised management plan. Management styles vary greatly in technique and effectiveness. The following is my personal management philosophy for my classroom.

My style is that which is incorporated by an assertive, authoritarian, and authoritative approach. This does not mean I am a strict hard-nosed teacher. I do have classroom rules that are to be followed by all without exception or favoritism. The rules of my classroom are made by me but if I believe the students have a concern or alternative then I will listen and decide if there might be a need for change. Ultimately though, I have the final say. I am firm but fair. I believe in organization, order, and discipline for my students as well as myself. Discipline does not necessarily mean punishment. The discipline I am talking about is self-control over one’s actions. There will be punishments for infractions of rules and improper behavior. Those punishments will be incremental and fit the situation. The rules are there to protect the students, myself, and to provide an optimal…

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