My Personal Insight Of A Man Who Is Kind, Family Oriented And A Friend

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I am writing this letter to give you a more personal insight of a man who is kind, family oriented and a friend, he is my younger Brother Al-Jaleel Bell.

While I can only fathom, how difficult your job may be, I ask that you take into consideration the following regarding my Brother Al-Jaleel Bell.

Al-Jaleel, is a warm spirit, who has never had a chance to shine. He is a man who has never been afforded the simple things of life exploration, or the resources to enjoy the beauty that life offers. Since his birth, he has been on the wrong side of life tracks. He has not been able to reach his full or even partial potential to realize the American Dream. The zip code of his birth profoundly diminished his star.

Even though he was raised with love by family. On occasion he seemed to hold a sadness in his heart. I surmise this is due to not having a relationship with his father or normalized relationship with his biological mother. Not having a father, as common as it may be in the African-American experience, it has an unhealthy psychological and emotional impact on one’s life most research on the subject suggest.

This may attribute to why Al-Jaleel has always displayed a positive affection for his family members and children. Many scholars suggest the love of a parent and or caregiver is essential to growth, but just as important is a positive constructive environment. Al-Jaleel has never been able to self-actualize because his path has always known barriers.…

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