Essay on My Personal Health Of Nursing

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My Personal Health

We often hear the phrase; you cannot give what you do not have. I think this phrase reflects the need for nurses to take care of themselves to be effective as health care providers to their patients. Schachter (2014) cited that many nurses “lead out-of-balance lives. The nursing personality is an earth personality. They take care of everyone else and everything else before them” (para. ). As an oncology nurse, I have daily contact with patients undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Thus, one can say that I am faced with two sources of stress, physical and emotional. However, it is the mental fatigue that weighs down heavily on me. As Schachter (2014) suggested

High levels of fatigue affect the ability to think clearly and that includes being able to judge your own level of impairment. Fatigue is a reality of nursing. Every day and every shift nurses experience fatigue in mind, body, and spirit. And fatigue, over time, takes its toll (para. ).

In recent years, a new phrase has been coined to describe the extreme side of burn out. It refers to a “condition known as compassion fatigue” (Olin, 2012, para. ), when nurses “become less productive and unable to form bonds with their patients when their own emotional systems become overload” (Olin, 2012, para. ). I agree with Olin’s (2012) insights that “it can be exhausting being compassionate and taking in other people’s suffering on a full-time basis” (para. ).

Am I a…

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