My Personal Experience Of Education: My Experience With Education

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School for me has been a bumpy ride. The ups have been fun and exhilarating but the downs have been terrible and treacherous. Making friends has always been easy for me but that is not the main part of school, it is about learning and showing your intelligence with letter grades. My experience with education has been negative because of family issues, uninteresting teachers, and constantly moving schools and homes.
My rollercoaster started at Montessori, my mother is the bread maker in the family, so I had to have somewhere to go while she was working. I remember having fun with the other children and always getting apple fritters that smelled of cinnamon with chunks of apples and strawberry milk with the nesquik rabbit on the bottle before
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Black. She had salt and pepper bobbed hair and always wore what my mom called Mary Poppins dresses, skirts with tool and tucked-in crisp shirts. She was the first, but not the last, teacher that made me cry because she made me feel inadequate and small. I hear of stories where teachers will go out of their way to help the students in their classes, I have never personally seen or experienced that. From a very young age I learned that I am a mixture of hands on and a visual learner, the teachers that I have had have never taken the time to sit down with me and get to know me. That is why I feel I have given up on teachers, making my education …show more content…
During fifth grade I was uprooted and not in my own home for two months, then in eighth grade I had to take two weeks off to go to several court hearings, and in the last few years I’ve had to take days off here and there to go to those same hearings. I was homeschooled for a short time in eighth grade because I was gone so much and was severely behind in math, making me gain anxiety whenever I think about algebra. Having to take so much school off and having all that stress tucked down deep has taken its toll on my education. Making it hard to be focused and difficult to talk to my teachers, to explain why I am late on an assignment or why I never did it. I was given a 504 plan my sophomore year to help with all the stress and anxiety build up but having to further explain myself and see my grades plummet was like having to walk through a brick wall repeatedly, it was excruciating and would create a never-ending cycle of panic attacks.
While all that was happening, I moved to two different elementary schools in Dana Point, California then to a middle school in Ashland, Oregon and then stayed there for six years. After junior year I moved to Huntington Beach, California for my last year of high school and a high point of my roller coaster was being able to graduate on time even

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