My Personal Experience: My Idea Of Success

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My idea of success has surely changed after completing this course. This course taught me a variety of ways to be successful in both college and in life. I used to think success was just accomplishing something without taking breaks or having spare time for yourself. That idea was completely wrong and this course taught me that in order to achieve success, you need to take breaks and manage your time well. One of the things I had the most trouble with is learning to take a break from work and relax. I 'm the type of person that won 't relax or sleep until I get things done and completed. Breaks allow a person to refuel their brain and be more ready than ever to accomplish the task.
This success course has helped me in numerous ways. One of the journals actually helped me do better in class. The note taking plan journals were the ones that affected me the most. I used to be terrible at writing notes. I would either not know what to
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Time is very valuable and that journal entry helped me finally realize it. This course has definitely helped me improve in many ways and I 'm thankful for that. I 'm on a clear organized path that will help me achieve all my dreams and goals in life. Those strategies have not only helped me improve in class but have also helped improve my future.
These journals have given me the opportunity to learn more about myself. There were some characteristics I didn 't even know I had. I didn 't realize how much of a procrastinator I was until these journals made me "dive deeper" and learn more about myself. It 's good that these journals made me dive deep and acknowledge some of the characteristics I had that weren 't going to help me out in school or in my future. I can now also focus on improving those characteristics such as learning to not procrastinate and put off work until last minute because that can cause more

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