My Personal Experience In Understanding Culture And Communication

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During the time that we had to study and learn about the talents we have, it was interesting to notice that nothing that was on their surprised me. The things that showed up were things that I already knew just never took as being a talent. But it has helped me better understand, seek to understand, and become more efficient in what kind of communicator I believe I am to be, what kind of communicator others see me as, and how I can approve in understanding culture and communications. First how do I view myself as a communicator? To be honest I know that I am not the greatest communicator around. I can communicate effectively when something needs to be said that others hesitate to say. Due to them being afraid to hurt one’s fillings, or they may worry about their self-image. I say what needs to be said and I don’t worry or care about what others think of me. I view myself as one who barriers his emotions and doesn’t allow anyone to see or know them. And I have a hard time listening to others talk about their emotions. I am very strict, and I let others lead the discussions, I fill more comfortable letting …show more content…
There were three influential people in my life that I asked for their opinions on for this subject. The Following were my Mom, Dad, and my best friend Steve. And what I got from them was a lot alike. The way they described me as was followed. They see me as someone who is very serious person and to those who don’t know me they might see me as standoffish. They see me as someone who has a small group of friends, someone who doesn’t talk a lot but isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said. They see me as someone who doesn’t know how to show emotion towards others. This was also present on my mission a lot of missionaries would call me the rock because they would describe me as one who would show no emotion when they would talk with me. I can communicate well when it is important for accomplishing one of my

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