Essay My Personal Experience And Take Away From English 111

832 Words May 13th, 2016 4 Pages
My personal experience and take away from English 111 was what I expected it would be before I started the course. No, there was no “life changing” moment for me from this course and I honestly I can’t say I am a better or worse citizen for taking this class, but I can say my writing skills have improved, and that I feel more confident in my writing than prior to taking this course. Writing has and continues to be a challenge for me, I have no illusion that I will ever be a “perfect” or even a “good” writer for that matter, but because some of things I learned in how to prepare and to write an essay I feel I’m a much improved writer. Specifically the topics covered from the first module of this course help my development. The tools to help us in our thinking and generate the ideas in our head and translate those thoughts onto paper were very useful. Also the small suggestion given in the drafting section of our text book to help with writing our essays, specifically ways to counter writer’s block were very helpful for me. The drafting section assisted me the most when I needed to correct my final research paper and come up with new way to present my argument, I suffered a bit of writers block when I had to edit a large portion of my original draft but I adjusted and did some freewriting during my editing and it got me through it.
As I started this final essay I started with some brainstorming, one of the valuable things I learned in this course, and put my thoughts on paper…

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