My Personal Beliefs

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Before all this, I’d like to state that my beliefs are not very strong. I consider myself an agnostic leaning towards the beliefs shown in this, so these are not very firm beliefs.

1. What are you? How do you exist? I believe I am a product of evolution over millions of years, and pretty much almost everything else that scientific research has found. I am a human that came from many other humans.
2. What is the purpose of life? I don’t really see a set purpose in life, except for what we make of it. There is no objective right now for me that isn’t predetermined by other humans other than the need to take care of my physical and mental state. That isn’t to say I or other people don’t have objectives that are important for them to fulfill, all it means is that I don’t think there is someone controlling
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What makes a “good” person? How can we compare ourselves to others? I think what a good person is defined as is a very subjective question that probably isn’t going to have a universal definition. Some people think they must serve others, some think they must praise God to be “good,” and these are reasonable. My personal belief is that someone has to stay humble, even when they find success, to be a “good” person, but I don’t think that’s really plausible to put someone in the “good” category. I think if a person is compassionate, humble, nice, etc. then they should be described as those things, and not as just a “good” person, due to the obscurity of the word “good.” Now, I’ve always found that comparing myself to others is usually a bad idea, as there’s probably going to be something that I’m not as adept at as at least one person. But we can compare ourselves to others by looking at accomplishments. For example, Brian has a better grade in Math than Joey. I say this could be a product of many factors (in this example, work ethic and test-taking abilities), but if you really wanted to, you could say Brian is better at Math than Joey. I’m not a fan of it,

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