Engineering Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement
Sunmi Seol My persistent passion for the effective application of emerging technologies in learning environments began after joining the School of Education at Stanford University as a research assistant in early march 2010. I discovered the benefits of mobile technology when I participated in a mobile storytelling app project, publishing apps based on winning stories collected from storytelling competitions performed in underprivileged areas. Sending revenues from the publishing apps to the winners attracted more children who wanted to earn money for living. At the same time, the children participated to this storytelling contest could have opportunity to learn basic skills such as literacy and math via mobile apps. In
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My sudden utterance surprised my family, friends and teachers. That is because I usually enjoyed reading novels and writing poems, and most of people also thought engineering is not for women at that time. Besides, my low score at math and science confirmed my parents and teachers that I am not suited for engineering. Although my parents and teachers relentlessly told me to change my major, I applied anyway, but I failed the college entrance exam as they had expected. When all my friends from high school went to college, I decided to study one more year to achieve my dream. I was not frustrated with this failure because I strongly believed that I can go to my dream school if I do my best for the following one-year. After receiving the level test at the college preparation institute, however, I realized that I lacked basic skills in math and science and I needed more efforts to keep up with other students who are preparing for a college. Everyday, I went to the college preparation institute to take classes and stayed at the classroom to study more even after class, which gave me less time to sleep. However, this tenacious effort still did not lead to increased scores. The repeated failures made me feel depressed, but I was determined that I would pick myself up and march onward toward my goal. Finally, I passed Sogang University entrance exam with flying

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