Importance Of Mechanical Engineering

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Engineering is a Profession Not an Occupation
A good profession is not something you get to choose it’s something that chooses you. When I was just nine years old I took apart my parents treadmill just to know what it was like inside. I loved to tinker and build things to see how they worked all throughout my childhood. On the first day of my first engineering class the professor told us characteristics of a good engineer. The first thing she said was engineers are people who like to know how and why things work and that’s when I knew I was going to be an engineer. Engineering is a profession not an occupation that requires a lot of hard work and dedication to science and math. If someone can fight through the rigorous years of higher level
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Mechanical engineering is the field I thought would be best suited for me because its focus is how things in mechanical science work, and according to the encyclopedia Britannica mechanical engineers’ main jobs deal with; dynamics, concerning the relation between forces and motion, such as in vibration; automatic control; thermodynamics, dealing with the relations among the various forms of heat, energy, and power; fluid flow; heat transfer; lubrication; and properties of materials (mechanical engineering). It was really important to me that the career I was perusing was in something where I would be able to make a positive impact and through mechanical engineering I will be able to develop machines that do that. The mechanical engineering behind something can often go unnoticed but it is used to develop necessities in people’s everyday life. Simple machines such as air conditioners and heaters are machines developed by engineers to allow humans to control the environment around them. Other examples of products that mechanical engineers work on are power-producing machines, such as; electric generators, internal combustion engines and power-using machines such as; machine tools, material-handling systems, elevators and escalators Mechanical engineers don’t quit working after their first breakthrough development, they are always using trial and error in their profession to make the next great thing even better. Mechanical engineers can be consulted when someone has a problem and hopefully through math and science a new more efficient product will be available. Mechanical engineering plays a huge roll in the growth of countries whether it be economically socially or physically. Engineering as a whole is such an important field and becoming a mechanical engineer is a good choice for anyone who wants to impact the

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