My Passion For Marketing

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I aim to work as a marketing research analyst, after graduation. Specifically, I intend to work for a marketing consulting company to further my customer relations skills and abilities of analyzing market trends. In addition to improving my marketing knowledge, working with a professional organization would expose me to clients from various industries. Since I have an interest in We Media (an emerging social media cluster), I hope to set up my own studio aimed at increasing We Media 's advertising value, which need insightful views about consumers. This would allow me access to fresh information on a daily basis and improve the efficiency of We Media industry. The first step in achieving my goals is to learn systematically about marketing. …show more content…
The NYU School of Professional Studies is located at the center of New York which has numerous opportunities to enhance their professional skills and to keep in touch with the latest technology and news. What’s more, the class design and classmates with working experiences can make the class truly relevant to students’ future career.

My passion for marketing stemmed from my experience of independently organizing a public relations (PR) activity for my school 's counseling room. Utilizing propaganda from the counseling room that I previously overlooked, I emphasized their message of stress reduction by implementing sandbags and display boards as game props. As a result, I successfully attracted over fifty students to visit the counseling room. This is the first time that I witnessed the effects of proper marketing
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My superior execution and crisis management skills allowed me to rise above my colleagues. After assisting five foreign reporters to check in, I confirmed the attendance of fifty local media organizations. Due to an emergency where important documents were left at the studio, I decided to utilize a bike carrier to deliver the documents in order to save time. In addition to this incident, I also resolved the dilemma pertaining to the lack of parking. Through this experience, I realized that the high expenditure and low advertising efficiency of traditional marketing leads to the popularity of online marketing, which will make consumers more connected with the company. I believe that online marketing not only allows the company to know more about their consumers, but also about their

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