My Passion For Intellectual And Personal Growth In Simon's Rock

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Once upon a time, a little kid’s home was strolled by a malignant beast. The little kid was wary of alarming the beast, the kid would skulk around the beast at the break of dawn to escape the beast. But, you might ponder, what happened when the beast was startled? Hell broke loose. The kid’s adrenaline levels sky rocketed, with palms drenched in sweat and a heartbeat’s worth a mile per minute the kid urgently sprinted, like the lighting was about to strike. The forest ahead was without end, and the kid wasn’t always able to surpass the vicious beast. However, the kid’s eagerness to prosper in everyday life outweighed the firmness of the beast’s claws. It became unambiguous, as time transpired, to escape the beast interminably, the kid must be enlightened of all the worlds outside the beast’s den. The kid constantly contemplated that one day, the knowledge and …show more content…
I have taken every step to pursuing this passion of mine, but my environment is restrictive. In high school, it is apparent that the most important concern between students, teachers, and the administrators was grades. However, Simon’s Rock climate celebrates originality and is intellectually stimulating. In Simon’s Rock, I’ll be able delve deeply into my intellectual passions and interests: computer science and neuroscience. Most importantly, I will be given the opportunity to explore novel material, material I have scarily heard of. Moreover, the thought of living in a small community, such as the one in Simon’s Rock, has resonated wishing my thoughts. The will allow me to create strong familial bonds, a change i am looking forward to grow into. I imagine being surrounded by like-minded individuals, who are anything but replicas of each other, and discussing things I want to talk about — individuals with a profound interest in the pursuit of knowledge. Simon’s Rock is the ideal place for me to flourish intellectually and

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