College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Noble Profession

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As I remember from the start of my early age days, I was fascinated by the concept of the biology, how the human body works, and how disease process takes over slowly and affect human body and how can we alter the development of disease, has always attracted me, so I choose my career to become doctor and serve humanity.
Trying to help needy and poor people is always been my passion and medicine is one of the few profession where i can serve the humanity with my own hands. When i see my patients heeling because of my efforts and their best wishes and blessings at the time of discharge gives me sense of self proud and gratification. I feel privileged to be a part of this noble profession where i can accomplish all my dreams.
I was in 2nd year of my medical school, when my grandmother fell sick, she had heart failure. I was the only person in home that has some knowledge about human body. I took care of her and i am glad that i did. I was very close to her and accompanied her during follow ups where i came to know how much medical care involved in taking care of any patient. when i saw how the physicians were able to reach final diagnosis from multiple complaints and giving right medication fascinates me about medicine (my profession). every time when my grandmother feels good she blessed
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I always want to be a good teacher, i love to work as a team, share my knowledge with others. During my clinical rotations i came across with many of my teachers who were exceptionally willing to share their knowledge and experience with me, through them i came to know that being a teacher is very critical part of being a physician that also enhance my passion about medicine. (So i want to seek for residency program which offers a diverse variety of patients population with strong teaching

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