My Parents At The Local Recreational Center Essay

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I was born and raised in the same apartment complex my parents met over eighteen years ago. I am the oldest of four boys and the first in my family to go to college. Growing up my mother was very protective of me. She would not allow me outside of the apartment complex on my own like all of the other kids. My mother would tell me stories about gang members being at the local recreational center. My friends chuckled when I told them this. The rules and limitations she set were not an issue for me. I was very introverted and afraid of the world outside of the gates that surrounded our apartment complex. By the time I was in third grade, school started to get more challenging. However, my mother knew no English whatsoever so the days where she would help me do my homework were over. In fourth grade, my mother enrolled me in an out-of-school program called Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) that provided students with the necessary resources for students to go to college. BLCI starts as early as third grade and works with the students until they have reached college completion. Seven and a half years later after going through middle school and most of high school I found myself in my junior year on a college trip with BLCI questioning going to college. When I look back now I cringe at the thought I might have taken a different path in life; chills run down my spine. My family has always been low-income but that didn’t matter. Love and affection from my mother made nothing…

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