My Parents Are So Great People

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When metaphorizing my life to the parent lottery, I would say that I definitely won. I didn 't feel as if I had won because I didn’t know that I did. Growing up, my parents would always tell me stories about how I changed their life, and how they would do whatever it took to care for and nurture me. My mom had me at a pretty late age, and the doctors had told my mom to expect a child with restricted abilities in the child’s physical characteristics and an autistic mentality. My parents were upset, but my mom would be grateful for whatever life had given her, and she would love her one and only child no matter what challenges may present itself in the future. Ever since I was born, my mom did whatever it took to diminish these challenges. …show more content…
My parents were both born in Vietnam, and they were immigrants who escaped the communism government that took over the country in 1975. They both escaped with their families on a boat with none of their possessions and made their way to the Philippines. From there, they flew all the way to California and worked to create a better life for them in America. They somehow found their way to each other and worked really hard to survive in this new environment. Every year, my entire family gets together on what we call Vietnamese New Year, and we celebrate the blessings that have come with every year. My parents ‘till this day have not allowed me to forget where I came from, and what makes our family so special. Living in a society that is so diverse, my parents always remind me the importance of keeping my roots alive. I think that’s why they’re always so tough on me; they’ve always wanted me to take the opportunities that were impossible to find when they were kids. Their story of success inspires me everyday to work harder and to be as tough of a fighter in life as they …show more content…
Still to this day, my family has been a great influence for me to work hard towards my aspirations, but they have always been there to keep my ego in check. My parents are always there to make me feel better when I 'm constantly complaining about school, or cleaning the house after I 've made a mess. They cook for me every day and drive me to wherever I need to go. They also work every day to pay off bills and even sometimes spoil me with an abundance of clothes and shoes that I complain about not having. They do all of this for me every day, and somehow make some room in their agenda to love and care for me. They may be strict parents, but they do all of this because they love me. If my parents have taught me one thing about life, it is to work towards becoming who I am. Their lives have been dedicated to raising me to become a better person, and I haven’t realized the meaning of that until now. That’s how I won the parent lottery; they were my secret weapon the entire

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