My Own Philosophy Of Worship Essay

2498 Words Dec 6th, 2016 10 Pages
Introduction (Philosophy Points) Being here for four years at Liberty I have taken my classes that have helped me shape my own philosophy of worship partially because I have had classes that made me create my own theology and partially because these classes I have taken has shown me that it is important to have my own philosophy of worship. Also, I have served in many churches that also has helped me form some of my idea points. Leaving Liberty and stepping into a role as a worship pastor/leader I have created my own philosophy of what I would like to see in my ministry. This is not my entire philosophy, but here are a few major points I will be talking about such as communication, serving, I don’t cater to people, community, strong leadership, and excellence.
One of the biggest things to run a ministry is communication. A lot of struggles that happen within the church is because of poor communication. In our ministry, we need to communicate with our leaders. One form of communication is planning. When you plan, plan things way in advance and communicate with the leaders you want to serve during the event. Most of the conflict starts because of poor communication and as a leader we need to know this so that we are aware of how important communication truly is.
I have served churches ever since I have been in the 7th grade and I have seen the importance of serving. I have always served in a worship team or some sort of music ministry within…

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