My Own Personal Motivations For Entering The Field Of Nursing

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There are a variety of reasons why one chooses to pursue a career in nursing. Historically, the yearning to care or help someone else has been a prevalent motivation to enter nursing. External incentives, such as employment opportunities or job security, have gained popularity over the past few years (Newton, Kelly, Kremser, Jolly, & Billett, 2009). Despite the wide range of reasoning, research has found many commonality and trends among nurses or nursing students. This essay will examine current research about why individuals choose to be nurses, and how these compare and contrast to my own personal motivations for entering the nursing profession. The three areas of motivation that will be analyzed are: altruism, application of previous knowledge/skills, and influence of family members.
As mentioned above, there are many motivating factors that influence one’s decision to enter the field of nursing. Research has found altruism (selflessness) to be the most prevailing influence (Newton et al., 2009; Wilkes, Cowin, & Johnson, 2014. A study by McLaughlin, Moutray, and Moore (2010) found that nearly all of the research participants mentioned some form of altruism as a motivating factor for pursuing nursing. Either they wanted to help or care for others, or they wanted to make a difference in the world. A few participants even stated that they felt compelled to become a nurse or they saw it as their duty. Although I do not feel that nursing is my duty in life, I do attribute…

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