My Out Look on Personal Responsibility Essay

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My Outlook on Personal Responsibility
Anne Marie Bordeaux
March 30, 2013 Barbara Wood

My Outlook on Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility can mean taking ownership in everything one does. It means different things too many people for different reasons. “Broadly defined, personal responsibility is a state in which an individual feels a sense of obligation to a situation or event.” DePasquale, J. P. (2000). Without personal responsibility one may fail not only in college or their job but also ultimately in life. I plan to practice personal responsibility in my education as well as life. One may need personal responsibility for the most success in life, there is a relationship between personal responsibility
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From young adults not wanting to move out of their parents’ home and get a job, to children standing up in the back of moving cars. It seem that the younger generation has not been taught about what will happen if they do not practice personal responsibility. It is not only the parent’s responsibility but also the schoolteacher as well. They used to say that it takes a village to raise children and in those times personal responsibility was instilled in everybody. In life personal responsibility is somewhat different from college, in life my responsibility is my children. Making sure they are properly taken care of, and teaching them what their responsibilities are. It is important to teach them as early as I can because it will help in their schoolwork, later with future jobs, and then with their own families. In college, one needs personal responsibility to keep up with deadlines, and take care of every day things. My preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my education is to use the resources that are available to me. As well to manage my time to the best of my ability. To take my education in my own hands and be responsible to do the work, not to cheat or plagiarize. I will use the tools that Phoenix has to offer so I do not plagiarize. It is my personal responsibility to do the very best that I can, so I will be able to obtain my degree and ultimately further my career. I also want to use what I

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