My Opinion On The Driving Age Limit Essay

737 Words Apr 10th, 2016 3 Pages
In some countries the driving age limit is way too young and that is why accidents happen. There are some pros and cons to this.Some people think that raising the age or giving someone the license should be 21 and above. That is a misunderstanding. Raising the age does not mean less accidents, all over the world , people throughout ages 18-21 start driving. Accidents happen not because of the age, but instead lack experience. Some other people think that, the only benefit they can get from changing the law is that it will be safer for the teenagers as they will cause less accidents and deaths. However, teens can be immature sometimes and that is where the society starts thinking about age limits. Changing the age limit doesn 't mean less accidents or fatalities or less responsibilities. In my opinion driving shouldn 't be above 21 because teenagers should live their life and have some privacy, they also have to be independent.

The law wants to improve the age limit thinking it will cause less accidents. That is not true. Firstly, accidents happens almost everyday , anywhere, anytime. Even though some accidents happen for a reason, but it is not like teens do it on purpose. Sometimes accidents happen due to weather conditions, or the road is not in shape. Mostly teenagers drive to a friend 's house, or a place they want to hang out. Why would that cause an accident? It doesn 't even cause traffic. Clark (2010). In addition, the accident happening in the first place mignt be…

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