My Observation On Childhood Observation Essay

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Childhood Observation
I completed my observation on Friday, October 7th. My observation took place at Forest Park Jr/Sr. High School in Ferdinand, Indiana. I went to this school because it is the school I attended for junior high and high school. Since we are a smaller town and do not have as many kids, our junior high school is in the same building as our high school. I walked into Mrs. Hawkins seventh grade math class. I planned on starting my observation at 8:00 am which is when school started. I got there a little early so no students were in the classroom yet. I knew from experience that the kids were waiting in the cafeteria until it was time to start class. I took this time to talk and catch up with my old teacher.
Soon after talking, a bell rang and I waited as I knew kids would start to be coming in. Sure enough, shortly after the bell, kids started coming into the class room. They were talking and laughing with each other. As they came into to room they still stayed in groups and talked. They did this until a bell rung out. After hearing the bell, the students immediately went to their assigned seats. They then sat patiently for the day to begin. As the students waited, a loud beep rang out from the intercom indicating someone was about to speak. Before the voice even began to talk, the children started to stand from their seats. Sure enough the voice asked the students to please stand for the pledge of allegiance. All at once, the group quietly said the pledge…

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