My Northern Michigan Adventure Essay

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My Northern Michigan Adventure
Every year my family and I go up to our favorite place, Rogers City Michigan. Rogers City is a small town at the edge of Michigan right on the water. It is a place to relax and unwind for a while. The small city offers quaint shops, delicious places to eat and friendly people. We stay right on the shores of Lake Huron just outside of Rogers city. Where the waves crash and the sand beckons you to come frolic in the sun.
The days leading up to the trip are almost on bearable for me. Just the thought of the scenic views, gourmet food, and family all being together. Excites me to no end. Our journey begins in the car we load up all six of our bags and two dog’s stuff we hop in the car and leave. We will be in the car all together for five hours with only breaking to get food or go to the bathroom. Yes, it’s crammed and tight and we all get a little cranky but we play games, watch movies, talk, and sleep. Once we our almost to the place we call home for the week. We pull into the drive and everybody jumps out and runs to see the water and beach. The place looks more beautiful each and every time looking the same as it did before but still it’s different and exciting and oh so beautiful. We rush down to the beach just a short walk away. We wipe off our shoes and run into the waves and play around with the sand and wind for hours.
Then we go into town to get grocers and supplies for the week. We eat…

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