My Mother As A Father Figure Essay

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Imagine growing up with a single parent. Having no dad as a father figure. Now this is my story on how my role model, friend, and teacher who became the rock throughout my life. This wonderful woman is my mom. Getting to know my family of origin, culture, and educational experience was all a journey and still is. A little girl who came from a single parent home is finally seeing the light as a woman and a highly qualified teacher. Through many obstacles I am here to say how it all began.
A lot of what I do and think today has to do with my family of origin and how I was brought up. My mother was a single woman who raised me and my brother who is twelve years older than me. I vaguely remember him being around, since we have that big gap between us. My mother did not finish school and she had to take care of her siblings when she was only thirteen years old. My mother told me that she had to work in the cannery and watch her siblings as a young child. Once my mother met her first husband, she ended up working as a bartender. That was her only income at the time. My mom had no guidance with her own mother. She knew she had to do what she needed to do so she is able to offer my brother a better life. She ended up meeting my father and they were only together until I was six months old.
Let me begin with how my mom put herself to school and taught herself to read. She ended up getting a job at the Masonic Home as a nurse’s aide. She purchased her first home and was never on…

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