Essay about My Most Remarkable Quality Would Be My Strength

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Strength My most remarkable quality would be my strength. By strength I don 't mean the amount of muscle I have in my body or how much I can bench press at the local gym. I feel that I consist of an immense amount of mental and emotional strength. Having a rough childhood full of horrendous experiences has had an impact on my emotions and my personal strength. These experiences are what have shaped me as a person. They also have a cause and effect on my daily life and my future. I try my hardest to make sure the effect is a positive and blissful one. My strength has grown gradually throughout my choldhood and I tend to use it often, so i pray that it willl come inot play even more in the near and far future. My childhood I would say was very interesting. My mother had me at the age of seventeen, so she did not continue her junior or senior year of high school. My biological father is twelve years older than my mother, but this was such a small concern compared to his drug addiction. Hugo Ibarra, my father, was a herione addict from the age of 15. His addiction caused the absence he had in my life. He was costantly in prison, leaving my mother alone and helpless. Since she was so young, she was also in absence of my childhood. I would remeber her waiting for me to fall alseep so she could sneek away for days at a time. Her need to sit at slot machines, smoke marajana, and be with men grew stonger the more time she spent taking care of me. During elementary school she…

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