My Most Important Learning Experiences Essays

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Many people who have not been in school for a long time think that learning only happens within the classroom during school hours. However, throughout my school life, I have known this to be completely false. Some of my activities in the past, including the National Geographic Bee and MathCounts, have taught me valuable knowledge in their respective areas. However, some of my most important learning experiences have occurred in activities that do not always seem to be related to education at first glance. My years in Student Council have taught me many important life lessons, and my experience in the workplace and through volunteering has taught me invaluable skills when working with others. I learned many skills and lessons during every minute of my time in the Sartell High School Student Council. From the very beginning, my student council advisor always told us that “Leadership is a lifestyle” and that people were always watching what we did both in and out of school. Although I always heard my student council advisor say this, I never thought that I would reach the level of leadership that I have now and learn so many new skills and lessons along the way. As a Sartell High School Student Council member, I quickly learned the importance of making connections with others in order to plan successful events. I also discovered that as a leader, my peers look to me to speak for them and to give them support when they need it most. Taking opportunities is also crucial…

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