My Mom's Best Friends

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One of my mom’s best friends is Nikki, they’ve been friends since High School, so it’s easy to say that I’ve known Nikki all my life. Nikki at that time is married to Matt, and only had one daughter, Kylie. Nikki and Matt had only recently been married and moved into a new apartment not far from where my Mom and I lived. It was quite common that my mom and Nikki would take turns on who was babysitting, it was usually only for a couple of hours.

One weekend in August 2004, Nikki and Matt decided they wanted to take Kylie to Christ the King’s festival and they offered to take me along since my mom had to work. I was excited to go because I had never been to a festival before and it sounded like a lot of fun. It was decided that it would be
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I wasn’t happy with that suggestion since I really wanted to go on the blow up slide, but I had not wish to be rude, so I reluctantly replied with “ok.” As we went around the festival all I could think about the blow up slide, sure the other rides were fun, but I was convinced that the slide will be so much better. The closer and closer we got to the slide, the harder and harder it became to hold in my excitement, which caused me to start to bounce around. Matt just kept laughing at me making me think I must have looked possessed or something. Once we reached the line for the slide, Matt handed me a ticket for the slide and stood with me in line till it was my turn.

The lady at the top told me to wait because the person before me wasn’t off the slide yet. Don’t they know how serious this is, I had been waiting for this all day and now I had to wait because someone decided to take their sweet ol’ time. Finally, the lady let me go and I jumped onto the slide. I bounced into the air feeling the wind pick up my hair and for a second I felt like I was flying with the world at my feet. When I reached the bottom Matt and Nikki were waiting for me with Kylie in a stroller. All I could think about was going

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