Essay on My Moms Bad News

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Until about two years ago I never really thought about how precious each and every day of life was. People always say live each day to the fullest because you never know when there won’t be a next day. My mother said this to me about a million times over the first fifteen years of my life but, I never really put this piece of wisdom into action. I can remember it as if it happened yesterday, the day that began a change in my mom’s life as well as mine.
It was cold and fogy outside and I had an orthodontist appointment. I can remember having a bad time at school that day and then thinking, “What a way to top off a terrible day by going to the orthodontist so he can give me a headache for the rest of the night.” My mom drove me to my
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This was the second wave of devastating news that had come to my mom and our family within a six month time period. What’s interesting and somewhat troubling to know is that we would have never known that she had this lung disease if she wasn’t over forty because she wouldn’t have had the chest x-rays. Sarcoidosis is an auto immune disease that can affect any part of the body but, because it is in her lungs it affects the respiratory system. My mom sat my brothers and I down one day when she got the results back and explained to us what the disease was and what could happen to her. I remember sitting on the couch next to her as she began, “I have Sarcoidosis.” Then she went on to say that it creates scar tissue in her lungs which decreases the elasticity in them. Therefore, because her lungs can’t expand to their full potential she can’t take in a lot of air when she breathes. This makes it a lot harder for her to inhale and has prevented her from doing dome of the smallest things easily. Then she told us that there were two possibilities of what direction the disease could take. It could either go into remission after about two years or progress to the point of death. Hearing her say that there is a chance that she could die from Sarcoidosis hit me like a ton of bricks. This was the most devastating and emotional moment of my life. I couldn’t bear to think that my mom could die from this because

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