My Middle School Days Were Not The Best Essay

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My middle school days were not the best; I encountered many instances of bigotry from students. I was teased endlessly and disrespected because of my diversity. Born and raised of
West Indian Heritage, students made my life a living hell because I spoke with an accent.
“Where are you from?” instantly began the conversation. It indicated what I said and how it was said, especially since it was delivered with a Caribbean accent. I quickly realized that my accent was the first thing people noticed about me. Answering questions in class became a struggle; students didn’t quite understand what I was saying because words were pronounced differently.
Class was followed by silly, ignorant remarks and the automatic assumption about my background which aren’t usually favorable.
I often went home upset about other kids mocking me, telling me I sounded stupid. On the top of my miseries, the teachers have taken it upon themselves to correct me whenever I spoke in class. Where I was raised, dialectical/not standard words were often used. This became an issue for me because in the United States school system, dialect was seen as grammatical errors. My accent interfered with my school success. It got to the point where I was embarrass to

speak in class, my heart was broken because I enjoyed speaking in class and being interactive with people. I was often worried that speaking in class will destroy my social confidence, and students will continuously make fun of me.
My parents and others in…

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