Essay on My Memories Of The English Language

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Throughout my life, the English language has been a huge part of my life. I believe leaning to read and write are very important in today 's society, so I am very grateful to have had resources to be able to do so. I remember when my mom used to take me to the library. I was not in school yet, but my mom tried her best to make sure I could read at a certain level. We would take turns reading each page. When we finished reading the book, she would ask me what the book was about to make sure I understood what the book was about. My earliest memory of writing is probably during school, I do not really remember writing much at home other than practicing writing the alphabet.
I have always loved reading, but writing has and still is a struggle for me. I used to read a lot more during elementary, middle school, and most of high school. As I started to get older, I had less time to read for fun. However, I do read a lot of comics and try to read books when I do have free time. I did realize that if I was reading a book that I did not want to read, like books for class, I did not comprehend them as well as I did books I actually wanted to read. Even with excerpts I had to read for a standardized test, I was not able to concentrate or comprehend what I had just read. I still struggle with this problem a bit, but I am trying to overcome it. My struggle with writing is still existent. Since I was a young child I have had problems with writing. Writing is not my strong suit, I always…

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