My Autobiography Analysis

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Most people write autobiographies because they are famous or a tragic event has happened to them. Others write biographies to give people insight and advice. I guess readers will have to decide for themselves which one mine is. To start off I am Mellenie Mae Pearson and I was born July 25, 1998. Some parents pick their children’s names because it is pretty,unique,or it’s a family name. I fall in none of these categories. I am happy to say I am named after someone. I am named after John Mellencamp. If no one knows who that is anymore than look it up because he was a famous musician. I used to hate my name because no one can spell it and I can’t get a keychain with my name on it, but I like my name being unique and different. I love hearing …show more content…
I don’t remember any of them of course. My mom has told me about them and some would say that would make my mom a bad mother, but every parent has had one of these moments. It what the parents learned from these moments that make them great parents. When I was eighteen months I fell down that basement stairs and hit my head on a cement floor giving me a concussion. Apparently my sister left the gate opened so this I blame her for. My parents rush to the hospital because they were so scared. My dad even threw up. Thankfully, there was no long-term damage, but my parents joke now that the fall made me smarter. My sister agrees and thinks I should thank her for my falling down the stairs. I think the only good thing that came out of it was my mom is always super careful with stairs every since. No child has fell down the stairs on her watch ever again. My second near death experience was almost too cliche for words. This one I do blame my mom for because she was packing up yet another one of her famous garage sales and when she was down she put me in my car seat to get ready to go home. Now this a very hot summer day and after I am in my car seat my mom’s garage sale partner, Katrina Calloway, wanted to count the money and split it between what was hers and what was my mom 's. My mom went inside to do that and almost an hour later after they are done she realizes that I am in the car. She ran outside to the car to find …show more content…
My sister and I have also had a bad relationship. My mom just thought it was because we are six and half years apart, but I think it is because my sister is selfish and doesn’t like sharing like having a sibling that takes attention away from her. My sister had always been the bad child in my family, but when I was in high school I didn’t realize how bad. At the time My mom and dad’s best friends died and while we were at his wife’s house helping her get through losing a spouse my sister, Lindsey, was filling her pockets full of change that my parent’s friends that in their room. Before anyone knew what she was doing, she stole almost 300 dollars. She used to the money to pay her drug debts because she had been doing heroin. I can’t say I was too surprised about the drug part, but I still can’t believe that she would steal from a woman who just lost her husband and has been like a mother to her. Sadley, this was just the beginning of her drug problem. I woke up one morning and my mom was on the phone talking to different people and I knew something was going on and it add to do with Lindsey. On my way home from school that day she said she need to tell me something. She told me Lindsey and her baby daddy, Guhner, got arrested because there was residue of heroin and marijuana in her apartment. Thank god my sister’s daughter, Mila, was staying at my house that night. Lindsey getting arrested didn’t

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