My Memories Of My Childhood Essay

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My early childhood holds some of my absolute favorite memories. I can remember so many good times with my friends and family but every time wasn’t perfect. When I did something bad a time out or in rare occasions a spanking would be my punishment. I would describe my parent’s style as authoritative. Authoritative parents are firm, setting clear and consistent limits. Although they tend to be relatively strict they are loving and emotionally supportive. They were defiantly firm in the way that I always knew if I was told to do something I should do it or face the consequences. For example if we were at a restaurant and I was being loud I would get at least one warning maybe two and then if I wasn’t listening I would have been put in timeout. The limits that my parents set for me as well and always stayed consistent. A example of that being if the rule was I had to go to bed at a certain time then that was the rule, no if ands or buts about it. The only people who got to change the rules were my parents no amount of my crying or complaining would change that. Both my parents always were supportive emotionally and loving. Even though there were times I wasn’t happy with my punishments they were being fair to me which is something I’m thankful for. Some of my friends parents were more authoritarian and even at a young age I feel like they didn’t have good relationships because their parents were so strict.
I think that for the majority of my childhood both my mom and dad had…

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