My Marine Corps Experience

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I am Timothy Neely and I am from Chicago, IL. When I was in high school I thought the last thing I would ever do is join the military. I was not very athletic so I knew the physical demands of any military branch would be a strain on me. After applying for several jobs I reluctantly started to look into military branches. When I started to look into them, I chose the Marine Corps strictly because it was widely regarded as the hardest branch and I thought if I could make through that, then I could make any challenge. The physical fitness was the biggest challenge I had to face as I continued to fall out of runs and scoring 3rd class PFT's. I managed to graduate boot camp and earn the title of marine, and then it dawned on me all of the things …show more content…
I was a part of that group and during my marine corps career I strived hard to better myself, which to me is what being a Marine is all about.When I graduated MOS school and made it to my first duty station I did not waste anytime trying to prove that. When just showing up as a new PFC to the flight clearance branch I quickly caught on to the job and was highly regarded as the most advance Marine in the shop even above some of the higher ranking individuals despite being there the shortest amount of time. My PfFT scores raised by a minimum of 10 points every year I worked as hard as I could to get my 1st class PFT. When it was time to reenlist things did not work out as I had planned. Once I found out there was an opportunity to come back I jumped on the chance. There are many reasons I want to be active duty again. I loved the feel of everyone being family, no matter where you went you could start a conversation with someone. I also long for the advancement because I feel as though there is no other place that rewards hard work as much as the Marine Corps. I also loved having a uniform and taking pride in the unifrom and trying to look squared away. I want to be active duty again because I know that no matter what happens I may make mistakes but as long I try to better myself then there is nothing i won't be able to

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