My Love Of Helping Others: The Importance Of Caring For Others

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Caring for others is a central part of who I am. My love of helping people started when I was a little girl growing up with my autistic sister, Melissa. She has been an inspiration as a sister, and even though she is older, I take care of her, which has nurtured the compassionate qualities in me. My experience with my sister has shaped my desire to support people who face challenges and to seek out some great opportunities, so now I help my peers while being a part of my school’s tennis team, volunteering in school clubs, tutoring after school, and playing soccer with special needs students.
While on the tennis team I took on the role of being the mentor and advocate for the younger players. During practice, my teammates constantly asked me
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In this program, I teach special needs students how to play soccer, and participate in matches against other schools. I love making their lives better with exercise and friendship, which helps them have a great high school experience. Special needs children can be difficult to understand at times, so it requires patience, love, and empathy to be part of the program. One of the reasons I began volunteering in this program is because of my experience with my sister. I try to befriend these kids, since I know some of them do not have any friends, so befriending them brings me great contentment when I recall the nights Melissa cried at home because she did not have any friends at school. It was especially gratifying to invite this boy named Garrett to sit with us at lunch when he told me he had no friends to eat with. In conclusion, I have had an amazing time playing with my friends in a team.
I found out plenty about myself while helping people. I learned that considering others brings me joy. I want to continue assisting others in college as well. It is my dream to become a computer programmer, and I want to continue educating and guiding people in this field. Since I am going into computer science, I hope to someday teach kids about computers, so they can change the world with their knowledge. I also plan to design a program that will be immensely useful to countless people. I dream to use my knowledge
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Some of my fondest memories regarding computers were walking into my dad’s workroom and watching him fix computers. Spending time with my father and watching him work has influenced me to go into computer science. I find the field exceedingly interesting, and in order to increase my understanding of computers, I pursue opportunities that expose me to computer programming, which include improving code on websites, creating programs online and with friends, and teaching myself various programming languages through online classes.
When I had an online blog in 9th through 10th grade, I constantly scoured the Internet to find code that improved my website. I added code that utilized links, music, pictures, and more. It was an exciting and enjoyable experience to personalize and experiment with my own site. Even though the code did not work and I was unsuccessful at times, with determination, passion, and experimentation, I eventually understood my mistakes, and fixed the

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