My Long Term Goal On Sace And After School Essay

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Setting Goals
My Long Term Goal
1) My long-term goal regarding SACE and after school in the future would be a nutritionist. In order for this to happen, I would need to do year 11 nutrition, year 12 food and hospitality, year 12 English, year 12 chemistry, year 12 physical education and year 12 biology. To be a nutritionist you need an atar of 98.50. I would ideally like to go to Flinders University for this course even though it is offered at many others such as Uni SA. This is because the Flinders University campus is the most appealing to me, and the support system available appears to be very good. To get more experience in my long-term goal I could volunteer at childcare centres to encourage young children to eat healthy from a young age. This may help me to be hired in the future after University as I would most likely have more experience than others applying for the same job career.

2) Strengths in the learning goal that could help me become a nutritionist and achieve my long term goal would be my problem solving skills, applying learning to real life situations and careers and seeing the school work 's relevance to real life. My problem solving skills would help me become a Nutritionist, as I would be able to handle any situation. I would figure out a solution to any scenario and then be able to carry on work as normal. Applying learning to real life careers and situations is another strength I have in the learning capability. This is because I have already…

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