Objectives And Admendations To Creasing My Goals And Professional Development

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As a P3 student of PharmD at Roseman University of Health Sciences, I have many goals and objectives that I would like to achieve as a part of my career development. A detailed action plan will outline a proper route to follow and will help me assume responsibility and adhere to my goals. In order to identify what I have to do to prepare and plan to maximize my efforts in reaching my aspirations, I will conduct a SWOT analysis for my professional development.
My three main goals are to achieve 95% in all of my 2nd-year assessments, to achieve 95% in my All Top 200 assessments, and to open my independent pharmacy. For the first two goals, my timeline is of this year and for the last goal, I would like to accomplish this by the next five years. My action plan to attain my objectives is to prioritize the maximum of my time to study. I will dedicate at least 5 hours per day to revise and to make flash cards as means of helping me memorize the material. I will use class notes and past assessments as tools to aid me to review. To measure my educational goals’ outcomes, I will use the results of the assessments to critique and evaluate my performance. To complete my goal of opening my own independent
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Based upon my self-critical SWOT analysis, there are two recommendations I have that I should implement to improve the effectiveness of completing my goals. I have to effectively manage my time to study by decreasing the amount of time I spend working. I should cut back on the hours spent working so I can use that time to review and learn the material so I can pass with 95% in my assessments. Also, I recommend that before I start my own independent pharmacy, I should consult experienced independent pharmacy owners. From them, I can learn about what difficulties I will face in managing my own pharmacy. This will help me be prepared to solve the problems that I might come across in managing a

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