Essay on My Literacy Has Changed My Life

924 Words Jun 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Until this class I never really identified what literacy was. I have always known about reading and writing, but never once did I look at it as knowledge that would bring me success. I now see that it is much broader than just simply writing and reading, but being able to interpret and communicate through it. My literacy has been important to me from day one and is a type of knowledge that can progress for a lifetime and be a tool to enable my success.
From as young as I can remember my mom always read to me before bed. It was part of our routine; She would get me a sippy cup of milk and we would read two to three books before I would go to sleep. Goodnight Moon was always one of my favorites. I remember memorizing the words so that I could read like her to. Now that I look back on all the children’s books we read together, they each had a lesson, like honesty, sharing, or responsibility. This is where my literacy began to connect into more than just knowing how to read, but to teaching me to think critically and begin to interpret what I was reading. Before I knew it though I was able to read the books to her, and it really showed the progression of my literacy. I remember her buying me little spelling and writing workbooks too, that I would do on the weekends or during the church sermon. My mom always made my learning a priority and from my point of view that was the normal thing to do. It wasn’t until I was in 5th or 6th grade that I realized that other students were…

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