My Lifetime Goal At Age 7 Essay

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In my lifetime, my goals have changed and been revised many times. As I get older, I am able to see the bigger picture. While I can 't tell you what my lifetime goals were when I was 5, 13, and even 16, today, I think I have a pretty clear idea. My lifetime goal that I have for myself is to be optimistic and gain wisdom from every experience that I encounter. From there I plan to use that wisdom to improve myself and become the best I can be at whatever it is that I chose to do one day. Through participating in Tae Kwon Do, marching band, track and advanced classes, I have gained insight in what steps I must take to achieve that goal. At age 7, I began taking Taekwondo classes at a local dojo in Sherman,
Texas,where I lived. I wanted to join because my younger brother had just begun taking the classes and he seemed to be having fun. My parents also thought it important that their little girl be capable of self-defense. In my 8 years of training, I encountered people of all ages, backgrounds and personalities. I gained mental perseverance through physical training as well as wisdom through the maturity level of the class. When I was 13, we moved away from Sherman to
Prosper, but still my mother drove my brother and I to Sherman twice a week to continue our classes as we were approaching the achievement of a black belt.
There were many times that I thought I couldn 't handle the rigorousity of the activity and wanted to quit, but I couldn 't give up. I hadn 't spent 8…

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