My Life With My Dad Essay

1171 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
I didn’t have my biological dad in my life as growing up as a kid, with this in mind I couldn’t tell you much about him. I rarely had any thoughts about him as a child, but when I became a teenager I notice that my dad wasn’t around. Moreover, I wanted to spend time with my dad as a teenager and get to know the real him not on the stories that was being told to me. Whereas I would see other kids in the neighborhood throwing football or baseball to their dad in their own backyard, seeing this made me wish to myself that I could do the same with my dad. Moreover, I never had the experiences of going to any basketball or football games, nor did I had the experience of having father to son talks about how to become a man. For this reason, I had felt lost in life without any guidance of how to fully grow into my true self. Therefore, I think every kid in the world should have their dad in their life for so many different of reason. In reality, having a dad while growing up as a child can make a big difference that child’s life as they get older. As a result, the kids growing up without a dad in their life can experience neglect issues, become attention seekers, or start acting out in bad behavior. On the other hand, the kids growing up with a dad in their life are more discipline and well- rounded in life. Although this may not always be a true with kids growing up or not growing up with a dad, but in my eyes and my experience this was a true. Unlike, I seen many mothers raising…

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