My Life That Helped Mold Me Into The Person I Am Today Essay

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My paper consists of different situations in my life that helped mold me into the person I am today. I have answered ten questions relating to how I feel about certain situations and my goals in years to come. I have also explained every answer very thoroughly to show the importance of how I feel about them. These questions show what has happened throughout my life and what effect they had on me.

1. What type of people do you enjoy spending time with?
The people that I enjoy spending time with the most are those who are happy, truthful, and genuine. Those who laugh constantly and always find the good in every situation are the people I choose to be around. Those who love God more and more everyday and never question what is happening in their lives because they believe that he has control of the situation. I enjoy spending time with them because I am surrounded by great friends that love to enjoy life just as much as I do. 2. Why do you enjoy these specific qualities in people?
I enjoy these specific qualities in people because I think that having happy people in my life makes me have a more positive attitude about situations. The ones that constantly keep me laughing and find the good in everything, brighten my day and help me keep striving forward towards what I believe in. I think that surrounding myself with people that love God, helps me make the right decisions. The people that enjoy life make life easier to live. 3. List three of the…

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