My Life - Original Writing Essay

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There I was waiting in the long, steadily moving lunch line at school. I was smiling and laughing with my friend. It was a regular Wednesday, just like any other. My phone was in my hand and I felt a sudden vibration. I looked at my phone to read a text message that my beloved boyfriend had sent me. It said "I don 't think this is working." As I read each word, I felt my heart crumbling to pieces. I had never felt such excruciating pain within my chest. I couldn 't believe the words that I had just read, the thought of him not wanting me anymore. I could not fathom the idea. All that I wanted to do in that moment was to curl up into a little sad ball and die.
I moved through the line and received the food I knew I would not be able to eat. I sat down with my friends, pushed my food tray aside, and put my head down. I began to cry hysterically. I felt my friend put her hand on my shoulder, as a puddle of tears was forming beneath my face. "Devon, it 's going to be okay." she said. I didn 't feel okay. In fact, I didn 't feel anything except the deep stabbing pain in the left side of my chest. It 's terrifying how, in a matter of seconds, my whole world could change. All of the things that I thought I had figured out were no longer. There I was, left with no understanding of anything. School ended that day, and I went home and crawled right into my bed. That day I cried more than I ever thought was humanly possible and each day after this was the same. I would awake in the…

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