My Life - Original Writing Essay

1099 Words Aug 26th, 2015 null Page
I remember this day beginning like any other day, early morning making the rounds, feeding my son, shower, making a shopping list. In these normal everyday mundane routines you never think about an event that can hit you in the face with a huge dose of reality. Within seconds your whole world can turn upside down with one event. I was in my early twenties, it had only been a year ago that I had gotten married and moved to Nevada with my husband. My husband answered the phone, I knew something was wrong because of the expression on his face. There was this gripping feeling of fear wash over me. My heart began to beat fast and I felt my face go flush. Time seem to slow down I could feel seconds timed with my heartbeat. All my husband could do was hand me the phone. I could hear my sister as she choked back tears, I could not make out what she was saying to me, but I didn’t need to I knew something had happen to my father. I waited for my sister to calm herself to give me the details of what had happen. My father at the age of forty-four years old died of a massive heart attack. His left ventricle exploded in his chest and he died before he hit the floor. He was alone when he died and found the following day. My father was a well-known detective for Pinal County Sherriff’s department in Florence, Arizona. My parents divorced when I was thirteen years old. My mother loaded up my three younger sisters and left. I stayed with my father until I married. My sister had…

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