How Do Dogs Touch People's Lives

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Dogs touch people's lives, even when they’re gone. I have two dogs that are sweet and kind. They each have a place in my heart. The first one is a lab and the second is a Yorkie. They are my two little girls Casey and Peanut. Casey was a yellow lab with a sad, sweet face, but she was always really happy. Peanut, on the other hand, my Blue Yorkie is energetic and spunky with brown and grey coloring. Casey has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, while Peanut still lives today.
My lab Casey was my best friend. We loved to play, and she was quite a hunter. She loved the outdoors, to swim, play fetch off our dock, and she loved to lay her head on my lap. One early evening when I was 7 years old I had to leave for dance rehearsal. Our two labs loved
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As my dad came closer to our house he saw a car stopped in the road and wondered what was going on. He pulled over to see what was wrong, and as he got out he was devastated at the sight of our sweet girl laying there motionless. Casey’s breaths were slow and labored, she whimpered and could not move. He could tell she was hurt bad, that her spine was broken and that she was in agony from the pain. The driver was insensitive and asked my dad if they should call the police so they could put her down. My dad told the man Casey was his dog and that he would take care of her. My dad carefully scooped her up into his arms, spoke to her gently, and cautiously laid her injured body in the back of his truck. It was the longest drive of his life. Dad took her shattered body and carefully laid her in the grass. Her eyes were deep and shadowed and her suffering was great. His heart ached and tears were running down his whiskered cheeks. He whispered to her softly...that he was sorry...and that he loved her so much. Wrestling through his tears and her labored breathing my dad looked into her eyes...a shot fired...then silence.
Soon after, my mom and I arrived home with my little brother. My dad was slow, sad and reluctantly shared the tragic news. I was shocked, stunned by what I was hearing, and then the tears came. I couldn’t stop crying, I was in total disbelief. She was really gone. I just had to see her face one last time. My dad took us to Casey, but covered her, only allowing me to see her yellow face one last time. Her body was still and covered, but her face seemed so alive. I stared into her sweet eyes and stroked her silky white head one last time, and said

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