My Life Of My Lifetime Essay

1389 Words Nov 22nd, 2014 null Page
The majority of my lifetime (which is not the long) I have been in the high normal weight to the low overweight category for most of my life for according to the BMI or Body Mass Index. It was not until recently, when I started to gain more weight because of my not playing sports and working at a pizza parlor. All the way up to about the age of 14, I was very active, played sports year round, and was one of the top students in stats for P.E. Then I suffered an eye injury which left me to quit all the sports I loved to play for the rest of my life. After about a year and a half. I tried other sports like track because it was not physical like football. It still wasn’t the same as football was so I stopped after the season was over. My weight went from about 160 sophomore year in high school to 185 by the time I graduated. My weight at the beginning of this semester at Delta started around 180. Now it is about 172 thanks to taking this class, and starting to get back into shape by exercising twice a week and not eating so late at night at work. The types of exercises I do now are running about two to three miles twice a week, lifting weights for my upper body, and doing core body workouts like crunches, sit-ups, and etc. I go swimming when the weather is warm outside if I am at my family members pool. My typical exercise time ranges from about two to three hours a week depending on my school and work schedule. Through my three day diet study the class conducted, I…

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