My Life Of My Father Essay

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Fortunately, I grew up in a household where both of my parents were very present in my life. Therefor, I did not even consider interviewing my dad. Although he was born and raised in Ireland, I thought I had already informally interviewed my father throughout life. I have heard the stories of his childhood and about the weird traditions. But when I sat down and actually talked about what it was like to come from Ireland to America I realized that there was a lot that I had yet to learn. First, I asked him about culture shock. (Martin, Nakayama. P. 125) “No, no culture shock. I mean I knew where I was going and I have seen America on television. There is a pretty big Irish community in New York, too. Of course it was a lot bigger and I thought the traffic was crazy. I have never seen so many cars on the road at one time. It was louder and bigger. Just different, not shocking.” This was very surprising to me. I have seen Ireland on Television, I have even been to Ireland a handful of time for vacation. Moving there, let alone anywhere but Oregon would throw me for a loop. I thought this especially for my dad because he was an illegal immigrant when he first moved here. I asked him about stereotypes and discrimination when he first came over seas. (Martin, Nakayama. P. 239) “Not a ton of that, either. Of course, I moved here before 9/11. So it was a lot easier to use fake names, fake social security numbers. 9/11 fucked all that up. I moved around a lot. I lied a lot. That…

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