My Life Of A Friend Essay

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One day Sol realized her time was so occupied she had not seen her father in months and she was missing him. All her life her mother and grandparents told her he was a travelling salesman for an insurance company, but as she was getting older that did not console her. His intervals between visits where taking longer and his constant absence began to bother her.
During her fifteenth birthday party when her father was nowhere to be seen she threw a fit. From that day forward she never believed what she was told and she questioned everything to herself, all the while keeping a happy face on the outside. She was no dummy, even in those days people asked to borrow a telephone along the way where they went. Customers would ask to borrow the phone in the cafe all the time. Why couldn’t her Dad use someone’s phone? Why couldn’t he ask to borrow a hotel phone? When he seldom did call, coincidence had it he would call during the hours she was at piano rehearsal, showering, or during school hours. At least that is what Mima and Pipo would invent for her not to feel bad. Stella played along. It was only three to four times a year, Sam would come home. This was his personal arrangement with Stella who did not want to mention to Sol they had separated. He would stay two weeks at a time, maximum three, but no more.
On one occasion when Sam arrived through the market to see Stella, Sol talked to him all the way up to their apartment. When he turned the key to their unit and opened the…

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