My Life Of A Child Who Was Less Fortunate Essay examples

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June 16, 2001, I met Jillian Rose. My husband and I were already the parents of two toddler daughters at the time but felt we wanted to provide a better opportunity to a child who was less fortunate. We began researching and learning as much as we could about becoming foster parents. In April of 2001, we completed all of the necessary requirements to become foster parents and shortly after we began meeting children.
Jillian Rose was a beautiful three year old girl who had been abandoned by her mother. She was discovered by a neighbor who heard her soft cry during the middle of the night. After Jillian was released from the hospital, she went directly to foster care and my husband and I were the first to meet her. She was released into our care within a few weeks and approximately nine months later, she was leaving our home to go live with a relative. Though we knew the day could come, nonetheless we were mortified. We never saw or spoke with Jillian again but as fate would have it, Jillian taught me true selflessness, compassion, empathy and love. The experience itself taught me two things; 1.) I never wanted to be a foster parent again and 2.) I never wanted to stop helping those who were a less fortunate.
According to Children’s Rights, a non-profit organization aimed at protecting the welfare of children who have been placed under the care of child protective services, on any given day; there are approximately 415,000 children in foster care in the United States. In our…

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