Why Do I Need A Scholarship

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Life is a cryptic phenomenon in my point of view. This is because life is unpredictable and usually it is not going according what you have planned at all. That is why life is truly mysterious and lucidly ambiguous because sometimes we delineate for something based on our wills. That is simply because in life, we do not get what we want sometimes, but we will get what we actually need in future. For me, the only thing we can do with our life is learning our impuissance in the past ,live up to the fullest for today and hope for the best in the future.
As for my career, I plan to be a researcher where I can unravel unexplained phenomenon in our world and embark for exhilarating adventure which is sounded eccentric but that is my aspiration. Due to that, I know that I have to work terribly harder than anyone starting from the bottom and experience countless pains because nothing is easy to be easy. For that reason, I need to get the scholarship to fund my education to fulfill my dream and the only way is via Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) as a golden ticket for me directly to further for my tertiary education. I have been aiming for overseas study because I know that I should get the best education in order to the best
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I know this love cannot be compared with my loves towards my family but to search for The One is not an easy way to do it .this is because I have look for her high and low but none of them meet my terms because I am not looking rich, beautiful, hot girl but what matter is her courtesy or manner in term of her action. I wish I can find someone that can inspire me to be a better person and comfort me when I am in despair. Significantly, someone that fill up the vacancy of my heart and complete me .i know this is hard and I have ended pursuing the wrong girl screw up everything because I may not able to talk sweetly to girl or treat them like a queen because I just an ordinary guy with full of

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